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Universal Contour Wrap

Universal Contour Wrap Detoxifying Massage Oil


Detoxifying Massage Oil - Rosemary & Lime 100 ml

Our sensuous Detox Massage Oil features a powerful and proven* anti-oxidising ingredient Rosamox™, which is able to prevent and reduce UV-induced skin damages, leaving the skin soothed, smooth and well conditioned.

For maximum results, use twice daily for 2 months. Apply approximately 5ml onto your hands and massage into the affected areas using circular massage movements, inwards and upwards.


  • Inhibits up to 87% AGEs
  • Boosts elastin production by up to 89%
  • Boosts hyaluronic acid production by up to 109%
  • Excellent anti-oxidant and moisturising effects
  • Reduces UV-induced skin damages