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Universal Contour Wrap

Universal Contour Wrap Classic Clay Solution


Classic Clay Solution

If you would like to carry out further spot treatments at home, top up your Slimming Body Wrap Kit with 3 extra bags of our unique Classic Clay solution.

If you have not purchased a Slimming Body Wrap Kit, we highly recommend you first purchase the kit which will offer you a Mixing tub, Tape Measure, Protective Body Cover, Bandages, Clay, Measurement Charts & Instructions all in one.

For one spot treatment, Mix 1 bag of clay with 1.4L of hot water. Combine with 4 bandages along with our specific wrapping techniques to perform the ultimate spot wrap. (Bandages must be purchased separately.)



  • Top up your Slimming Body Wrap Kit
  • 3x Bags of Clay (220g)
  • 3x Measurement Cards
  • Wrapping Instruction Booklet
  • Detoxes, smoothes and softens the skin