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Why Our Beauty Experts Love Spongelle

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Posted on February 27 2018

Spongelle Body Wash Infused Body Buffers Canada

How do you view shower time? Is it something you enjoy as a luxurious time out with all your favourite scented bath and shower products? Or is it overwhelming with half used bottles everywhere, rushing about your day? No matter how you view bathing and showering, Spongelle body wash infused buffers have cleared our space (and minds), and added in that bit of luxury we've been craving even in the quickest of showers. The Spongelle bath sponge has made our showers simple yet, beautiful and who wouldn't want that?

Spongelle Bulgarian Rose Body Buffer

Spongelle is an interesting beauty and shower product at first glance; it's an exfoliating bath sponge that has been infused with body wash, and will last you a good month or two depending on which Spongelle buffer you choose. The Spongelle bath sponge is solid when dry and when moistened under water it will begin to soften and the body wash is released when squeezed, creating a luxurious lather. We appreciate that the flower body buffers have a ribbon attached to hang in the shower.

Spongelle Bath Sponge Canada

What may draw you to Spongelle is the beautiful aroma that can be smelled through the box. Their scents are available in a lighter smelling scent such as Honey Blossom or Freesia Pear to stronger smelling scents of Coconut Verbena, Papaya Yuzu or Bulgarian Rose. The scent is lighter when used and not as overly powerful as it may be in the box at first whiff.

Think Spongelle is just for women? Think again. The Spongelle Men's Super Buffer is designed to enhance even the manliest man's shower experience. The flower scents can of course be used by all, however we love that they've also made a men's buffer that is larger, which allows for more washes and smells of Verbena Absolute. 

Spongelle Buffer for Men

Using their same philosophy, Spongelle has also created a Pedi Buffer that is oval shaped to fit in the palm of your hand and allows for a nice scrub to the feet with an exfoliating side and a softer side for cleansing. These Spongelle pedi buffers come in scents of Beach Grass or Mandarin Mint.

Spongelle Pedi Buffer Canada

The innovation behind Spongelle not only allows you to remove all those half used body wash bottles from your shower but because Spongelle Infused Bofy Buffers are not a liquid, they make a perfect companion for travelling whether it's a short trip or a longer trip. Spongelle not only offers a unique dual function, it's vegan and cruelty-free as well, an increasing trend in beauty and skin care products. 

Spongelle bath sponge

Spongelle was an American secret for many years and is now available in Canada. It's popularity has risen due to being seen in many subscription boxes such as GlossyBox and FabFitFun. 

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