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Our very own, Melissa's Skincare Routine

Peanut Butter Gorgeous

Posted on June 22 2018

  1. Cleanse

Morning or night, my routine always starts with cleansing my face. I have oily combination skin and I use the Pure Intense Cleanser from Cara Skin Care. It’s great for controlling breakouts and oil production.

  1. Exfoliate

I am a huge fan of exfoliating, I mean HUGE! Something about the feeling of scrubbing away all those dead skin cells just makes me insanely happy! I do this step in the shower to save time. My go-to exfoliator is the Multi-Active Scrub from Cara Skin Care; it is a grainy exfoliant and it foams up to help further clean your skin. I use this exfoliator 2-3 times per week. On a daily basis (day or night) I use my Daily Concepts Your Konjac Sponge; it’s gentle on the face so it’s safe to use twice a day. I like the charcoal one to further assist in my breakout control.

  1. Mask

I have been using the PhytoMud Mask religiously for the last 5 years and nothing has swayed me yet from continuing with this amazing detoxifying mask. I’ve become obsessed with it after using it to calm my eczema on my legs of all things. I like to mask once per week, so my typically Friday is me in my mud mask for 15 minutes while Netflix is running. Ah, the joys of aging. Friday’s just don’t include partying anymore (haha).

Another mask I’ve recently added into my collection is the Pumpkin Heat Mask from Cara Skin Care. I’ve tried it in the past and wasn’t a fan and then I found out I’d been using it all wrong. It’s not meant to stay on your face for a long period of time. Definitely worth a try! It smells like pie and it’s a gentle exfoliant. I’ll use this one if I want to do a triple treatment night once a month. My trio of exfoliating and masking starts with the Multi-Active Scrub, followed by Pumpkin Heat (both in the shower), then finishes off with the PhytoMud. It’s like a mini facial at home. I highly recommend giving it a go.

  1. Tone

On a normal day, this is step two. Removes any excess dirt and helps your other products penetrate deeper. Toner was originally designed to balance pH levels in your skin after washing your face. So many more beneficial reasons to use it these days.

  1. Serum

I’ve begun adding a serum into my routine after years of going without. It’s amazing the difference I’ve seen since this one step has been added back in. I grabbed a Glyco -15 Serum from Cara Skin Care recently as I’ve been getting major breakouts due to the ever-changing seasons in Alberta. This serum helps to slowly exfoliate and increase cellular turnover. It also is amazing at getting rid of breakouts. It’s only meant to be applied for night time and you’ll want to ensure you use a sunscreen to protect during the day (something you should always have on to prevent early aging). This serum is also an effective spot treatment for pimples if you need to target that pesky pimple.

I have a couple of other serums in my arsenal. The first is the Hyaluornic Acid Serum from Serene Skin Care. This product is professional grade, so you must look into your local salons if you are able to purchase from them or not. It’s meant to help hydrate skin and is amazing for combatting Alberta’s dry climate. I may have oily skin, but it’s also dehydrated (conundrum). I apply this serum in the morning under my moisturizer.

My third serum gets applied after moisturizer, so I’ll explain that one later.

  1. Pure Citrus Day Cream

I like a lightweight moisturizer and love the slight citrus scent of this moisturizer. It is meant for oily and acneic skin types so it’s excellent for keeping me hydrated.

  1. Timeless Retinol Night Mask

I was given this product as a gift last year and thanks to that wonderful friend am hooked forever. I haven’t replaced my jar, but it makes your face as smooth as a baby’s bottom in the morning. This may say mask, but you simply apply it like a moisturizer before bed and then sleep away 10 years overnight. Well not exactly, but it’s great. It’s meant for use 2-3 nights per week and you should use sunscreen in the morning as it does have retinol in it.  

  1. Silc Radiance Serum

I started using this product a couple of months ago after I got a chemical peel done. It helps renew skin cells quickly and protects skin against free radicals. It also is a great makeup primer. It really helps even out skin tone and I’ve noticed my makeup lasting longer throughout the day.


That’s my routine folks. It sounds complicated, however, on average I only use 4-5 products in the morning and 4 at night. A lot of the steps listed are only used about twice per week, so the product is going to last you a while and they add a lot of benefit to your routine.


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