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Lipsticks, What The Colours You Wear Say About Your Personality

Peanut Butter Gorgeous

Posted on September 06 2018

Lipsticks come in all shades, from dramatic red to a mute nude. Colours have a way of saying something about your personality, or perhaps your current mood.

If Red is your go-to colour, you are passionate and ready to take the world by storm!

Red lipstick

If you wear hot pink, you are bubbly, and everyone loves to be around you. Your bubbliness is infectious. You do everything with enthusiasm and with a burst of energy.

Berry means you are fashion-forward, usually up with the trends, the go-to friend who will tell you when that outfit isn’t the best looking on them! Because you are that smooth, you are blunt, but with class.

Nudes, mean you are sweet and kind, usually, one whom anyone can talk to and look for comfort when it comes to matters of the heart, wise beyond her years. A classic beauty, one who finds beauty in simplicity.

Soft pink, a hopeless romantic, one who is sensitive to her heart. One who feels the pain that she sees in others, a heart of gold, usually her best friend wears nudes. You are a girly girl, who likes fluffy pink pillows with gold accents in your dainty furniture room.

Lip Balm, you are carefree and want none of the fuss that comes with picking out a colour, you are low maintenance.

Lipgloss, you are friendly, it makes you feel glamorous to shimmer like the stars, because to yourself you are one! You live, eat and breathe glamour.

Corals, usually one with the earth. You enjoy beachy days, hiking and anything outdoors.

Muave, you are mysterious and indulge in luxury. Changes in your life give you a sense of thrill, always looking for something new and exciting to take charge over.


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