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Korean Skin Care Explained

Peanut Butter Gorgeous

Posted on September 20 2018

Korean skin care has taken over the internet, and the world and Alicia Yoon and Charlotte Cho are Instagramming all the latest. They are Prince Harry and Megan Markle of the beauty industry, you see them everywhere! When swiping their Instagram photos and stories, you see women with no need for makeup...really any girls dream to wake up, wash and go.

Don't be fooled; their flawless skin has not come overnight. The steps these ladies put in on a daily basis with skin care is far more than the regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Their routines have a rhythm we need to get on board with. Just like our facial regime has its day and night, so does the Korean skincare.

Korean skincare comes from centuries ago when porcelain flawless skin of the upper class was considered the absolute most beautiful. It also comes with the belief of the achieving healthy skin from the inside out. 

Let's get into the steps for the daytime routine:

  1. Wash with water. The reason they say this is because they say the water is enough to get rid of the few impurities your skin would have gotten overnight. 
  2. Tone.
  3. Essence - what is an essence? Although they are similar essences are thicker than serums, serums hold more concentrated active ingredients, it is considered the prep step before the main serum treatments.
  4. Ampoule - what is an ampoule? They usually come in smaller vials and is more concentrated than a serum, consider this to be a booster shot for your skin. 
  5. Serums - concentrated serums meant to treat the condition of the skin. 
  6. Eye creams - to treat the delicate eye area.
  7. Moisturizer - for all-day hydration.
  8. Sunscreen - to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Night time routine 

  1. Oil Cleanser - to remove dirt and buildup from makeup and the day.
  2. Foam Cleanser - remove oil buildup and water based impurities from the day.
  3. Exfoliate - use a gentle exfoliate 2x a week depending on your skin type
  4. Tone - balances the PH balance of the skin.
  5. Essence - a repeat of the morning routine.
  6. Ampoules - also a repeat of the morning routine.
  7. Serums - this may vary as you may use a PM only serum in addition to your daytime serum depending on the skin conditions that you are treating.
  8. Sheet masks- Cloth saturated with ingredients specifically for your skin. Great for deep hydration and anti-aging.
  9. Eye masks - to give your under eyes the nutrients and love they deserve. 
  10. Eye creams - after you've patted in the remains of the sheet mask, apply eye cream to protect and hydrate the eyes.
  11. Moisturizer - to seal in all the goodness!

Looking at these lists can seem a bit daunting, yet when you scroll through you see the before and after you see that it is more than worth the investment, who doesn't want pore-free, radiant skin?


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