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How to Choose The Right Self Tanner

Peanut Butter Gorgeous

Posted on October 05 2018

Choosing the right self-tanner can seem a little overwhelming, but have no fear, follow our suggestion, and you will have an all year summer glow.
First things first you have got to figure out the right formula for your desired results, if you want to do your face then make sure you get a specialized tanner meant for the face and safe for that area. Maybe you want a spray for those harder to reach areas especially if you're not the most flexible person. Like a spray formula for your back or perhaps you're looking for something more gradual that builds your sun-kissed glow or what's most convenient for you like in the shower. So know what you're after, where are you using it and how do you want to use it.
For a newbie to the sun-kissed goddess world a self-tanning, a moisturizer may be the best option as it gradually builds with daily use. We also recommend this is because it starts as a hint of colour so your friends and family don't get shocked, as you were pale one day and then you are brown and golden the next day. Moisturizer is more natural, there are versions where you use it in or after a shower, and there are also daily application moisturizers. Not only is this a great place to start but the active ingredient in self-tanners (DHA), is at a lower concentration.
Next, we have, tanning towelettes that are the consistency of a sheet mask. This form of sunless-tanning is a soak in product, and all you need to do is unfold and rub the towelette over your body. These are great for the girl on the go or a vacation, giving you an even glow on the go. It's virtually stress-free and foolproof because you can't over apply with these tanning wipes.
Once you are more comfortable, you will most likely move to the most commonly used self-tanners, lotions and creams. The self-tanners typically they have a tint added to them, so you know where you are applying the product. With these, you need to blend in the product to get an even consistent application because they don't absorb instantly. You'll find the most variety in this family of self-tanners.
If you are a seasoned self-tanner, this will be right up your alley! We do caution you to work up to these to ensure that your application technique is on point, as gels and mousses can be a little more tricky.  Now, why you ask do you need experience before attempting these varieties of self-tanners? Your working time is much smaller. Therefore you have to be quick and efficient when it comes to blending. These items are lightweight, fast drying, buildable, and the coverage is excellent. 
Now choosing the right self-tanner doesn't have to be so scary if you are a beginner stick with what's foolproof until you get some self-tanning techniques! 


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