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How to achieve the perfect natural makeup look for summer.

Peanut Butter Gorgeous

Posted on May 24 2018

As we move from spring to summer our makeup tastes tend to change a little to accommodate the heat.  During the summer, a natural makeup look will always be the best choice, as there will be less product on your face that can smudge or melt away.  Read ahead on some expert tips on how to keep that put together look in the throes of summer. 



The best base for a natural makeup look is good skin, the best way to keep naturally glowing skin is to exfoliate 2-3 times per week with something like Afterspas Facial Micro Scrubber paired with Cara Skin Care's Multi-Active Scrub.  Exfoliation keeps the dead skin away allowing that younger brighter skin to shine through. 


Use a Primer 

Using a primer in the summer can really help to hold your makeup in place, and really help to achieve that perfect summer makeup look.  Apply your primer after your moisturizer and before any face makeup for an all-day summer-ready look. 

Ditch Foundations for a Tinted Moisturizer 

Due to the heat, you want to avoid putting a lot of makeup on your face.  The last thing you want is to appear to be a sweaty mess with creases.  Trade up your foundation for a tinted moisturizer like Cara Skin Care's Illuminating Moisture Tint.  This will not only protect your face from harmful UVA & UVB rays but give you a light veil of tint.  If you don't have a tinted moisturizer on hand, mix together an oil-free moisturizer and light foundation to get that sheer light application that a tinted moisturizer would give.  

Switch to Waterproof

Avoid raccoon eyes by switching to waterproof mascara and eyeliner like Bodyography's Stiletto Water Resistant Mascara. Making the switch will help to avoid the inevitable run and save you from having to re-apply over the course of the day! 

Go For Sunkissed Not Oompa Loompa 

Bronzer can be your best friend when it comes to your summer makeup look, just add a little to all the areas that sun would hit a viola you are a sunkissed goddess.  But do avoid going to Oompa Loompa status and apply it on every inch of your face! Try Bodyography's Bronzer Powder - Sunsculpt Duo, with the two different shades you can create depth and a little contouring. 

Accentuate the Lips...Properly

Ditch those heavy lipsticks for a lighter stain that works for summer colors.  Try Bodyography's Lip Lava Liquid Lipstick for a light all day wear! Don't forget to keep those lips exfoliated and hydrated, the sun can really dry out your lips if your not protecting them. 

Opt for a Natural Eye

A natural eye will be the cherry on top for your natural makeup look this summer.  Keeping a natural eye with nude colors will keep your look carefree and effortless.  If you're looking to add a little oomph for a night time look, add a false lash, like Esqido's mink lashes to make your eyes pop a little more! 



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