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Eye Makeup TIps

Peanut Butter Gorgeous

Posted on November 05 2018

Eyes can really tell a story and really complete a look, they are the first thing people notice.  Everyone has their own eye makeup tips and tricks but here some that can help you achieve that night out look or simple day to day look.
After you have cleansed, toned, and moisturized your face apply primer, don't forget the primer. Primer is mostly used to help the longevity of your makeup, as well as smooth the skin's surface, and even the tone of your skin.

First up some subtle eye makeup tips for that natural look.

    1. Start by using an eye primer to prep for a good base for your eyeshadow. This will help to increase the pigment slightly as well as helps the longevity of your eyeshadow. You can also get different eye primers to help with things such as oil control for oily eyelids.  
    2. Next to start your natural look you want to go for a neutral base that isn't too dark in colour, as it is just adding a touch of colour to your look.  Apply this colour to your eyelid up to your crease, be sure to keep the application light to avoid creating a definitive line.  If you do, blend it out with a blending brush.
    3. Then take a nice light colour and highlight un the arch of your brow, this will give the appearance of a lifted brow, but don't go overboard this is a natural look we are after. 
    4. Next, take a shimmery light shade and apply it to the center of your lid.  This creates the appearance of wide-open eyes.
    5. To further add to your wide-open eyes you can line your bottom lash line with a nude colour.  
    6. Lastly, you will want to apply a lash primer and then mascara to really make your lashes stand out.  If you want to tone down your lashes a little opt for a brown mascara instead of black.

  For a night out on the town, your glam look eye makeup tips:

  1. Primer, of course, you want eyeshadow that stays put all night long!
  2. Apply a light base colour to make it blend, or opt for a black base if you are going for more of a smokey coloured look.   
  3. If you are wanting to make your eyes appear bigger, extend your crease line to be slightly hight than the actual crease. 
  4. Be sure to highlight the arch of your brow with a light shimmery colour, or a white eyeliner that you can blend out. 
  5. When it comes to putting on your eyeliner there are many different fun variations that you can use for the top of your lid.  Regardless of the style of liner, always tip your head slightly back and look down while applying it.  This technique will really help when creating symmetrical wings. 
  6. If you decide to tight line your eyes to change the shape. Use white if you want to open up your eyes, whereas black will make your eye appear smaller, more fierce. 
  7. Once you have pulled the look together, apply mascara in two coats to get a more dramatic lash, be sure to let the first coat dry prior to applying the second coat. 
  8. This one is obvious but we always suggest adding lashes to enhance your look.  If you opt for a mink lash you can wear them up to 24 wears.  Not to mention they are more natural looking and tend to be more comfortable to wear as they are light and the strip is cotton, not plastic. 

Day to Day look: 

  1. As with every look, primer!
  2. For your daytime eye makeup, stick with neutral tones.  The idea here is that the look is light and looks effortless.  Feel free to put a slightly darker shade than your base on the crease and blend it out. 
  3. Still, highlight the arch of your brow, but keep it subtle.
  4. As for eyeliner, steer clear of dark liner. It can appear harsh in the daylight.  Opt for no eyeliner or a lighter brown to give your eyes that hint of definition without being too dark.  Or if you still prefer a black eyeliner, keep it light and finish it off with a small wing.  
  5. Continuing the light feel of the look, don't line the bottom of your eye with dark liner.  If you would like a little something there, opt for a neutral colour that will open your eyes up.
  6. Lastly, mascara where again use a lash primer then follow it up with mascara.  If you would like a little more dramatic look without adding lashes, apply two coats of mascara. 


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